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You Should Never Buy These Five Things in Bulk

One of the most successful techniques people apply to be able to make ends meet is buying things from sales. But what happens at these sales is that the salesmen sell things in bulk. And these things are sold in bulk simply because they are nearing their expiry date. People get lured in by the tempting offers and buy things that get spoiled quickly and end up losing their money. So what ARE these things you shouldn’t buy in bulk?

1- Snacks and candy are things you shouldn’t buy when sold in bulk. They are fattening, teeth damaging, and full of things that can cause a large group of health risks. And since they are nearing their expiry date, you try to eat large quantities of them in short time maximizing the damage.

2- Skincare products and cosmetics are things that shouldn’t be bought in bulk. Even if the expiry date is somewhat far, these things lose their effect about 3 to 6 months of their production.

3- Cooking oils and olive oils are two things you shouldn’t buy in bulk. Oils go bad quickly IF you are like most people, trying to go healthy and lessen the fat and free radicals in your food, you will need about one bottle of oil per three to four weeks. And oil goes bad in 6 month, so buying it in bulk is not wise.

4- Bleach should not be bought in bulk. How often do you even use it? Most people do not use bleach because it is packed full with dangerous chemicals that can hurt your skin and lungs. One bottle might last more than two month, and bleach goes bad after 6 month.

5- Spices have a shelf life of five months tops. Since you use no more than a pinch of three spices at most per meal, it is a complete waste of money to buy big quantities of spice in bulk. It wont be long before they start to lose their smell and flavor.

You Should Never Buy These Five Things in Bulk