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Most Needed Vitamins For The Mother After Childbirth

Most women face several health problems after childbirth like stress , depression and malnutrition which is a common problem amongst postpartum mothers. During pregnancy your body needs a higher supply of vitamins and minerals, not consuming enough nutritional foods or taking supplements could lead to malnutrition after childbirth,

women after childbirth should focus to increase their consumption of certain vitamins to limit the risk of any health problem and to replace the vitamins and minerals the body lost during pregnancy and through breastfeeding. The following is a list of the most needed vitamins for the postpartum mother.

1- Vitamin B9.

Also known as Folic acid which every pregnant woman is recommended to take during pregnancy for a healthy development of the nervous system in the fetus, however it is very important that you continue to take Folic acid after child birth as it helps a lot in reducing postpartum mood swings and depression.

2- Vitamin A.

Hair loss is a common problem among new mothers and vitamin A deficiency is what is responsible or the problem, taking vitamin A supplements will help prevent the problem of hair fall and at the meantime restore the vibrancy and elasticity of the skin.

3- Vitamin C.

Women after childbirth mainly have a weak immune system, taking vitamin C supplements will help to boost the immune system for both the mother and the baby in case the baby is being Naturally fed with breast milk.

4- Vitamin D.

The body’s calcium levels drop significantly during pregnancy which makes women experience bone pains and aches after childbirth, taking vitamin D and calcium supplements will help strengthen the bones again and replace what has been lost

 Vitamins For The Mother After Childbirth

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