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5 Neat Money & Time Saving Things You Can Do with Your Microwave

When you ask someone, “what can you do with a microwave?” the answer is usually something like: “heat frozen pizza, dinners…etc”. And if you like cooking you might list some recipes you can cook in your microwave. Only few people know that you can do much more with your microwave. Get ready to become one of them.

1- Many people hesitate before using a cutting board in fear of the germs that might be lurking there (and it is not like you can sanitize it with a disinfectant). However, you can rub the board with some vinegar or lemon juice and put it in your microwave on high for one minute.

2- If bread has gone stale don’t throw it away. Wrap it in a damp kitchen towel and microwave it for ten seconds, then repeat the process again until the bread becomes moist enough for your taste.

3- I always forget to soak dried legumes in water the day before cooking them. When that happens, I put them in a bowl full of water with a pinch of sodium bicarbonate. Then I heat the whole thing for 10 minutes and leave for 30 minutes. They will look as if they have been soaking for long hours.

4- It often happens that the knife slides and cuts our fingers when cutting onions. Just trim of the ends of the onion you are going to chop, then microwave it for half a minute and cut it quickly and easily.

5- Peeling garlic cloves can be really bothersome, and it is not easy to deal with the aftermath (nasty odors) even. But if you put a garlic head in your microwave for 20 seconds you wont even need to peel the garlic because the cloves will slide right of the skin.

Money & Time Saving Things You Can Do with Your Microwave

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