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These 8 Neat Ideas Will Keep Your Groceries Fresh for a Long Time

One of the things that waste your money is groceries that go bad too quickly. It is even one of the reasons why some people hesitate before buying fresh ingredients, and they are right to feel that way, especially that there are many other people in the world who cannot afford to eat more than a meal a day. But what if I tell you that you can keep your groceries fresh for a longer time?

1- Did you notice that onions and potatoes go bad so fast when they are stored together? Store them far from each other and they will have much longer shelf life.

2- You must’ve heard the fable about the apple that spoiled the bunch. What I mean to tell you is one bad apple really spoils out the rest around it. So check your apples and get the bad ones out quickly.

3- Berries are one of the foods that have a really short shelf life. However, you can keep them fresh for a whole two weeks longer. Soak berries in a 1:10 vinegar and water solution and leave them there for just a few seconds. Rinse them and refrigerate them afterwards.

4- When fruits and vegetables go bad or become not so fresh it means that they are growing. Keep your potatoes from growing and sprouting by storing an apple with them.

5- Instead of storing eggs on the fridge door, store them on the shelf.

6- Don’t you hate it when the edges of cheese blocks become hard? Do not toss the edges away; add them to your omelets. As for the cheese block, keep it from hardening again by rubbing it with some butter.

7- You can store vegetables with roots and save more fridge space at the same time. Just “bury” them in sand inside a clean pot and take them out and wash them when you need them. Keep the pot in a dark cool corner.

8- Apparently this is an old trick, but I haven’t learned about it until recently. Keep cream and milk fresh for another week by adding a little pinch of salt (just a little pinch).

Ideas Will Keep Your Groceries Fresh for a Long Time

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