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Neat and Handy Tips for Using and Cleaning Your Bathroom

Have you ever considered your time in the bathroom as anything more than the time you need to “go” and take a shower? Do you hate the bathroom cleaning time? Do your bathroom fixtures get dirty and build up plaque and scum so easily that it makes you want to scream? You will find al answers for these problems in this article.

1- Plaque builds up on showerheads quickly and it is really such a bother to clean them, especially if you aren’t tall enough. And if YOU really aren’t tall enough you will even be bothered more by unscrewing the shower heads to clean them then putting them back. All you need is to encase the shower head in a plastic bag, fill it with vinegar, tie it well then leave it overnight. The plaque will be removed.

2- If your bathroom space is so small that you don’t find enough space to store your cosmetics, lotions and shampoos, install a second curtain rail. Use the hangers of this rail to hang baskets in which you store all your bathroom needs.

3- Instead of the too much scrubbing you need to clean scum of your shower doors or curtains, use dryer sheets. They are very effective at cleaning scum.

4- Cleaning the tiles of your bathroom can be tiring. Unless you attach a scrubbing brush to the tip of your drill. Power the drill for some powerful yet easy scrubbing.

5- Hang wrinkled clothes close by when you are taking a hot shower. The steam will remove most of the wrinkles.

6- Store your shaving cream dispenser upside down so it would be standing on its plastic head with no chance of leaving rust circles.

7- Public toilets auto flush even when you are still using them. To prevent that, cover the proximity sensor with toilet papers until you are finished.

Tips for Using and Cleaning Your Bathroom