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Naturopathy in Ayurveda Vs. Modern Medicine

Naturopathy teaches that the “return to nature” formula is the most effective prescription that could cure diseases and all kinds of physical illness. According to naturopathy, the body has the power to heal itself. The inherent power of the human body can be stimulated by the cooperation of its internal defensive mechanism and the five natural elements – earth, water, fire, ether, and air.

The diagnosis of the patients’ condition is made without using invasive techniques like surgery, drugs, or biopsies. The patient then goes under a detoxification regime that includes exercises, fasting, and baths. Naturopathy also manages to cleanse the patient’s skin, colon, and lungs through massages, colon irrigation, and deep breathing. All healing powers are within the body. Only by giving the right environment and selecting a correct regime, each person will enjoy a spontaneous recovery.

Milk, salt, and lemon are some of the main things used for treatment in naturopathy. For example, lemon heals cold, cough, and fever. It lightens pimple marks on the face and helps whitening teeth. Also, if you’re working on reducing your weight, try drinking water mixed with salt or honey and lemon. According to naturopathy, salt is said to cure headache and stomach. It’s also incredibly effective in softening the skin. As for the milk, it’s good for acidity, hiccups, pimples, wrinkles, and dark lips.

Although naturopathy is only effective in chronic diseases not in active infective ones, it has many advantages over modern medicine. For one thing, naturopathy has no side effects and unlike modern medicine, there’s nothing called a misuse of treatment. Additionally, modern medicine could only minimize the symptoms of a disease without treating it completely. In that case, once a person stops a medical treatment, he has no guarantee that his disease will never occur again. With naturopathy, though, once a disease is treated, it will never occur again.

Diet is one of the most important approaches in naturopathy. The diets include vitamin supplements, herbal compounds, and body manipulation. It’s usually confined to boiled vegetables devoid of spices, salt, and oils. Some of the best known herbs include neem, ashwagandha, kashni, and brahmi. After all, naturopathy has proved that your food is always your medicine.

Naturopathy in Ayurveda Vs. Modern Medicine

Naturopathy in Ayurveda Vs. Modern Medicine Naturopathy in Ayurveda Vs. Modern Medicine

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