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Natural Ways To Postpone Pregnancy Without Chemicals, IUDs Or Barriers

Many women around the world tend to use the regular contraindications like IUDs and birth control pills which all carry a side effect that impact the woman’s health on the long term,

in addition to the face that all those methods of birth control are still not 100% guaranteed and surprises can still occur therefore we brought you this article to present to you natural guaranteed ways to postpone pregnancy and avoid the side effects to birth control pills and IUDs.

1- Counting .
This method will be more accurate with women who are having regular periods and you won’t need any chemical, barriers or devices involved, all you will need to do is avoid sexual intercourses during the period of your cycle that you are most fertility which begins from the eleventh day of your cycle to the eighteenth day of the cycle, this method could be inappropriate for those who newly married but it is most comfortable and safe for those who just got a baby and want to postpone the next pregnancy.

2- Monitor Your Discharge.
At the time of your fertility which begins about two days before your ovulation date and remains two days after the ovulation, your regular daily discharge becomes see through and stretchy, if you stretch it between two fingers it will stretch for about one or two centimeters,

if your discharge is thick and white in color then that indicates that you are not most fertile at this specific time of your cycle and you can restore your sexual activity.

3- Breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding can be used as a natural way to postpone pregnancy after having a baby, breastfeeding works on reducing the estrogen levels which is the hormone responsible for ovulation, when ovulation is delayed you will get no menstrual cycles and your body won’t be able to conceive.

Natural Ways To Postpone Pregnancy Without Chemicals, IUDs Or Barriers

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