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Natural Ways To Plump Your Lips

Some women are naturally blessed with big sensuous lips while others would wish if their lips could look fuller. Fortunately, there are many ways you can enlarge your lips either by surgical interference or you can try natural ways that work effectively and won’t have the unpleasant consequences that are associated with surgeries.
If you follow certain natural tips regularly and be patient, you will be amazed how your lips will look bigger, filler and more kissable.
The following are natural ways you can enhance the look and size of your lips with so read on.

1- Exfoliate Your Lips.

You can use your toothbrush to rub your lips slightly for a few seconds. This won’t only remove the dead skin cells, but also will stimulate circulation and blood flow to the lips which will in return make your lips plump more.
The regular exfoliation will make your lips smoother, softer and more sensuous, you can add some olive oil, Vaseline or honey to the toothbrush to enhance the effect and benefit of the exfoliation.

2- Make Your Own natural Lip Plumpers.

Rather than using the chemical ones, make your own natural lip plumper products using natural ingredients and essential oils.
The effect may not be as long lasting as the chemical ones, but you won’t have to worry about side effects and you will still get a couple of hours with full sensual lips.

. Cinnamon Essential Oil.
Cinnamon essential oil is a basic ingredient in most of the over the counter lip plumpers, it stimulates blood flow and enhance the capillaries of your lips, making them look more attractive.
Add a few drops to your lip gloss or just carry a small bottle of cinnamon essential oil and rub on with the tip of your finger a tiny drop, you will feel a slight tingling or burning sensation at first but the feeling will disappear quickly and your lips will look gorgeous.

. Peppermint Essential Oil.
Peppermint essential oil works the same way as cinnamon oil, it brings more blood to the lips and makes them swell slightly, plus it has a perfect cooling effect.
You will only need to add three to five drops of peppermint essential oil to one teaspoon of petroleum jelly and use that as your regular lip balm.

. Cayenne Pepper Essential Oil.
Use it the same way as cinnamon and peppermint oil, however be cautious about the quantity, only a tiny amount will get the job done for you, any more can burn like hell. The oil will cause your lips to warm up and swell slightly which will give you the desired look.

3- Regular Lip Exercises.

The exercises below will help to tone up your facial muscles and make your lips plump up naturally, however you will need to be persistent and follow them on daily basis for at least a month then continue to repeat the exercises three times a week at least.

. Whistle.
Usually you find those who play wind musical instruments to have full and big lips, because they use their lips muscles that we often ignore or disregard.
To achieve the same result, choose your favorite tone and whistle it loudly for at least five to seven minutes a day for a month.

. Smile and Kiss.
Keep your lips closed and smile as broad as possible, hold the position for five seconds then pull your lips forward as if you are going to give a kiss.
Make sure to contract the muscles of your lips as much as possible so they get well exercised.
Repeat this for twenty times a day for a month.

Natural Ways To Plump Your Lips

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