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Five Natural Ways To Control PMS Symptoms

Premenstrual symptoms is a common trouble for many women around the world, some experience sever symptoms whereas other women experience mild symptoms, from bloating to sever mood swings and cramps, all are very annoying premenstrual symptoms that there’s no woman on earth enjoy. Away from taking too many painkillers, there are natural ways you can get premenstrual symptoms under control. Here are five proven tips to reduce PMS symptoms.

1- Have a Diet Rich In Vitamin B.

Consuming adequate amounts of vitamin B throughout the month is a great way to prevent PMS symptoms that are more involving the mood and the brain state, so depression, grumpiness and sever mood swings as well as headaches can be reduced to the minimum if you indulge in a vitamin B rich throughout the month. Foods that are rich in vitamin B includes poultry, beef, beef liver, nuts, bananas and whole grains.

2- Don’t Skip on Meals.

The bloating sensation you get may lead you to skip on meals which can aggravate other PMS symptoms like headaches, weakness, anger and lack of mental clarity due to the significant drop in the blood sugar levels. So make sure to eat all your meals at the regular intervals.

3- Take A Teaspoon Full Of Olive Oil Every day.

Taking one teaspoon full of extra virgin olive oil can work miracles to reduce cramping, pain and discomfort during the menstruation. Studies showed that extra virgin olive oil contain an Anti-inflammatory properties called Oleocanthal that act more effective than the active ingredient in ibuprofen painkiller in reducing inflammation which is the main cause for the cramps and pain the occur during the period.

4- Have A Balanced Diet.

The diet that you eat can affect significantly the severity of your PMS and the production of your hormones, a healthy diet that is rich in Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties like fruits and vegetables. Avoid inflammation fueling foods like caffeine, refined sugar and salt and red meats.

5- Exercise Regularly.

Regular exercising won’t only make you feel fit and healthy but can also control your PMS symptoms, exercising will help to control the mood swings and depression associated with the menstruation, it will also help to reduce bloating and improve blood flow.

Five Natural Ways To Control PMS Symptoms

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