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4 Natural Treatments to Make Weak Eyebrows Thicker and Stronger

Your eyebrows have some of the strongest and thickest hair on your body. It is naturally so to prevent sweat and dirt from sliding from your forehead to your eyes. However, many people mistreat their eyebrows by rubbing them harshly, or plucking them to follow a silly trend.

So, if you are one of those who mistreated their eyebrows, or just have naturally weak ones, here are natural treatments to make your eyebrows stronger.

1- Coconut oil is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that are really effective when using it as a topical treatment. Just rub some coconut oil gently on your eyebrows and leave it overnight.

2- Another type of oil that can really boost hair growth in both your scalp and your eyebrows is castor oil. What is even better is that castor oil is one of the cheapest natural ingredients you could find, so you can get it anytime. It is another treatment that is best used before sleep.

3- I’ve already said that by rubbing your eyebrows you can literally “rub” them off. Massaging them, on the other hand, can enhance their growth. That is because, by massaging the skin beneath your eyebrow you boost blood circulation in that area, which means nutrients get there faster.

4- Make sure your skincare lotion doesn’t get to your eyebrows. Most people think that as long as a product is good for your skin, it is good for your eyebrows. Did you know that most of skincare products contain chemicals that suppress hair growth to prevent facial hair form surfacing? So, by using it on your eyebrows you are weakening their hair and suppressing its growth.

Natural Treatments to Make Weak Eyebrows Thicker and Stronger

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