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Three Natural Suppliments To Control Mood Swings During PMS

The mood swings we women experience during menstruation is really annoying, the ups and downs we go through with our moods can affect the quality of our lives in these few days, fortunately, mother nature has provided us with too many plants that can control these annoying mood swings and make you feel more calm and relaxed, read on to find the most effective drinks you can have while menstruating to control your mood swings.

1- Black Cohosh.

Black cohosh has been used anciently and untill now to relieve menstrual cramps and control mood swings, you can use it at anytime you feel irritated and want to relax yourself though, you can even drink it if you are suffering from insomnia, it won’t taste good though so you either use a natural sweetener with it or add it to one of your favorite smoothies, be aware, black cohosh is used to induce labor so if you are pregnant try to avoid it completely, also try to avoid taking it in the daytime as you may get tired and sleepy.

2- Evening Primrose Oil Or Tea.

Evening primrose is one of the best natural options you have out there to reduce menstrual cramping and control mood swings, it contain pain killing compound in it called phenylalanine, which helps reducing the pain while the Fatty Acids in it reduce the inflammations occurring during menstruation.

3- Maca.

Maca is a rout and is considered as an Adaptogenes which means that it is neither a relaxant not a stimulant, it will just balance your hormones and make you feel relaxed and comfortable, you can find Maca in most of the food stores in your area, you can also find it in capsules, however I recommend the natural powder than the capsules because it is just more natural and beneficial, add the powder to one of your favorite smoothies or eat it with some chocolate and watch your day brightening up.
Natural Suppliments To Control Mood Swings During PMS

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