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4 natural methods for removing facial hair

Some women suffer from Hirsutism. It happens due to high levels of the androgen hormone in the body. This hormone makes the facial hair growth fast and excessive.

Although there are many treatments for this issue as laser, these treatments are so painful and expensive. So, here we will give you five natural tips to remove facial hair.

1- The first trusted tip comes from India. To remove facial hair naturally, make a paste by blending equivalent amounts of gram flour and turmeric with a little amount of water. After putting the paste on your face, you should leave it until it dry. Then, you may rub it off your face with your finger. Also, you can remove the paste using a warm wet cloth.

2- Another awesome tip to remove facial hair is to use a mask of egg and corn flour. It is as effective as waxing. Blend the white of one egg with a tablespoon of corn flour and a tablespoon of sugar. Make a smooth paste from these ingredients and apply it on your face till it became dry. When you remove the mask, it will take with it the undesirable facial hair.

3- Lavender and tea tree oil have been proven to be a powerful approach against hirsutism. You can blend 5 drops of tea tree oil with 15 drops of lavender oil and apply it on your face. You may use this mixture twice each day for a month. By doing that, the growth of hair will stop. You should first know if you are allergic to these oils.

4- Another natural scrub which is gentle to the skin is the barely scrub. You can make this scrub by blending a tablespoon of barley powder with a tablespoon of lime juice and a tablespoon of milk. Rub your face with the mixture for a few minutes to remove the undesirable hair. Then wash it off.

natural methods for removing facial hair

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