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Natural Looking Makeup Is No Longer Bothersome with These Steps

If you want your make to look natural, you should make it look simple and light. Heavy makeup is not suitable for the morning and for the spring. Also, men don’t like heavy makeup but they prefer light makeup that looks natural. Here are the ways to do.

– Before applying any makeup, you should first choose the colours that match your skin. The best colours for pale skin are peaches and pinks. On the other hand, dark skin goes well with beiges and creams.

– Your skin needs special care. You should always moisturize it and exfoliate it. Don’t forget to remove the makeup every night and cleanse your skin.

– Don’t cover your whole face with foundation. Instead, try to use concealer on the spots that need covering. You may also replace the foundation with a tinted moisturizer to get natural looking.

– Apply a little amount of blush to your cheeks to give you natural glowing look. Start applying blush to the apples of the cheeks and then blend it forth towards your cheekbones.

– Try to go without using eyeliner and bold eyeshadows. You may just use eyeliner for your lashes to make them look thicker.

– Use mascara to curl your lashes in order to get wide looking eyes. To prolong the curl for longer, you should apply a second coat of waterproof mascara.

– Choose a lipstick that is close to the natural colour of your lips. Do not apply lipstick directly from the tube. Instead, you may dab it on with your finger. It’s preferable to begin from the centre and then blend the lipstick out to the edges.

Natural Looking Makeup Is No Longer Bothersome with These Steps

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