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Natural Birth Control Methods

Any couple wish to have control over when they want to become parents or add a new member to the family, here comes the importance of a birth control method which there are many of, most people choose the pill or implantable devices,

however some of these methods may have a negative effect on the woman’s health or may be accompanied with undesired side effects, using herbs and natural options will have less side effects and will work as efficient, check out below the herbs that work as natural contraceptives.

1- Blue Cohosh Root.

Blue Cohosh Root can work as a brilliant natural contraceptives as it contains two substances that cause the uterus to contract, one that acts like the hormone oxytocin which causes labor in pregnant women and the other called Caulosaponin. In cause you are not using any protective method make sure to drink tea made of blue Cohosh Root in the same day or just drink two cups of its tea everyday, however be sure to consult a herbalist first due to the associated side effects to blue Cohosh Root.

2- Queen Anne’s Lace.

Queen Anne’s Lace is another herb that can be used as a natural contraceptives and specially the seeds collected from the flower as it helps in reducing Progesterone synthesis which in return prevents implantation, it is best used as emergency contraceptive.

The studies made on this herb showed promising results in disturbing implantation for the fertilized egg, however this herb may not be suitable for those with kidney problems and may cause mild constipation a few days after consumption.

3- Neem Oil.

Neem oil or also known as Indian lilac oil is another very effective and fast natural birth control method, it has spermicidal action which slows down the sperm mobility in the woman’s reproduction organ causing inability for the sperm to reach its destination and fertilize the egg, it can even kill the sperm if applied topically in the vagina within only 30 seconds.

Natural Birth Control Methods

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