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Some natural alternatives for toothpaste

Of course, all of us can’t do without using toothpaste for cleaning our teeth. However, commercial brands of toothpaste contain some ingredients that are dangerous for health like fluoride and glycerin. Here are some natural alternatives for toothpaste which will help you clean your teeth without the harming effects on your health.

1. Baking soda:
It is included in some toothpaste and is usually used in homemade recipes for cleaning the teeth. You can use it simply by dipping your toothbrush directly into some of it. Or you can mix it with some water and use the solution for cleaning your teeth.

2. Sea salt:
It has been used widely as an alternative for toothpaste. It works to kill the bacteria in the mouth. Also, it contains minerals that can work to strengthen the teeth. You can use it either by dipping your toothbrush in it. Or you can make a saline solution for cleaning your teeth.

3. Coconut oil:
It is one of the greatest natural elements or cleaning the teeth. You can use it alone to clean your teeth or you can mix it with some baking soda or sea salt. It helps to keep the bacteria in the mouth under control because it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

4. Natural soap:
You may also use a natural odorless soap for cleaning your teeth. It is said that soap cleans the teeth far better than toothpastes and also it is void of chemicals.

5. Plain water:
You can simply clean your teeth with just plain water. Of course, you won’t be able to get rid of any odors but you will get rid of food particles and plaque from your teeth.

natural alternatives for toothpaste

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