6 Amazing Natural Alternatives to Sugar

Sugar is a key ingredient in our daily lives. It only becomes a problem once our consumption of sugar is excessive. For that reason, some people go for alternatives for sugars such as artificial sweeteners. Even though they work, artificial sweeteners are known for their numerous side effects. Fortunately, there are various safe and natural sweeteners that you can use in order to avoid over consumption of sugar and relaying on artificial chemicals.

6. Coconut Sugar : Coconut sugar is increasingly becoming the most popular sugar alternative. This is because of its low glycemic load and the fact it’s bursting in nutrients. Another advantage is that you can measure coconut sugar the same way you measure sugar.

5. Stevia : Unlike artificial sweeteners, Stevia is a totally natural, totally safe sweetener that’s 200 times sweeter than sugar. It contains stevioside from leaves that’s free of calories and free of carbohydrates. You are free to use stevia however you like as it can also be cooked.

4. Maple Syrup : Maple syrup has been used as a sweetener since native North America. You can add maple syrup to tea, bake with it, or even use it to glaze cake. However you want it, maple syrup is a healthy resourceful option.

3. Blackstrap Molasses : Blackstrap molasses are all derived from sugar cane. It’s nutritious, very sweet and has an exceptional taste. Molasses are best used as a substitute for sugar in baking.

2. Banana : Banana puree is a rich natural sweetener you can use in recipes instead of sugar. Smash banana with a little water and a teaspoon of lemon juice to avoid the oxidation process and you’re left with an appetizing sweet sugar alternative you can add to your recipe.

1. Honey : Benefits of raw honey are uncountable; it’s full of important nutrients as well as a sweet flavor and short in calories. However, keep in mind that raw honey loses a lot of its value when cooked.

Natural Alternatives to Sugar

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