Five Myths About Diabetes You Have To Know

Diabetes is a health condition where your body is either not producing enough insulin to transform the glucose from the food you eat into fat cells to be utilized later as energy or that your cells are not sensitive to the insulin your body is producing, diabetes is a very common problem worldwide nowadays, more people die of diabetes than AIDS and heart diseases, yet it is completely controllable , although it is a chronic diseases, once it happen it can not Heal, but you can keep it under control and limit the consequences, below are listed some of the most common myths about diabetes, so read on.

1- Diabetes Is Not A Serious Health Condition.

One of the most common myths about diabetes is that it is not a serious health condition, which lead people to be careless about keeping their blood sugar levels under control and maintain their doctor checks and regular medication, diabetes is a chronic diseases that if not kept under control can lead to many other serious health conditions like heart diseases and blindness.

2- Diabetes Will End You.

Some people assume that as soon as they get diabetes this is their end, but that is not true, with the advanced ways to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly and injecting insulin when it is needed, you can have a Perfectly normal life where you can do your daily tasks just as normal as before.

3- All Diabetics Will Eventually Be Brought On Insulin Shots.

Not all diabetics will have to get insulin shots, injecting insulin depends in the first place about how your disease is progressing, type two diabetics can completely manage their blood sugar levels with an healthy diet, exercising regime and oral medications.

4- You Can Not Exercise If You Are Diabetic.

This is not necessary true either, after the recommendation of your doctor, you should be exercising as much as you could, the regular exercises will help bring the excess sugar in your bloodstream but you must keep monitoring your blood sugar levels and how you feel.
Myths About Diabetes You Have To Know

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