7 Most Unusual Causes of Constipation

Complications resulting from constipation are mostly painful and irritating. The sufferer is unable to empty the dry stool clogging his/her bowel which causes abdominal pain and possible anal injury. Sometimes you may be unable to pinpoint the main reason behind your constipation; therefore, we came up with its most unusual causes for you to check out.

7. Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia : In this case, your whole method of defecating is wrong. Some people are unable relax their pelvic floor muscles while contracting their abdominal muscles. Instead, they tense up their anal sphincter not allowing proper bowel movement. If this is a problem for you, you might not even notice it, it’s best to check with a doctor.

6. Depression : Studies have shown that people suffering from depression may also suffer from constipation. Depression slows down bodily tasks including bowel movements. Furthermore, a person suffering from depression suffers a poor lifestyle such as poor diet. Anti-depressants are also found to be linked to constipation.

5. Delaying the Need to Defecate : As you resist your gut feeling to go to the bathroom, your body keeps on drawing back fluids from you stool leaving it dried out and harder to empty.

4. Too Much Iron and Calcium : Both calcium and iron supplements slow down guts motility letting stool hang about longer in your guts which dehydrates stool and makes it dry.

3. Depending on Laxatives : Laxatives help contracting intestinal muscles easing stool release. However, a body can eventually depend on laxatives and won’t function without it or without increasing the dosage after a while.

2. Diabetes : Diabetic patients suffer nerve damage. Weak nerves in your gut slow down bowel movements and weaken rectal sensations.

1. Poor Fiber Diet : Consuming enough fibers helps in drawing fluid back into your intestines which hydrate and soften your stools for effortless evacuation. On the other hand, high fat diet reduces gut motility.
Most Unusual Causes of Constipation

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