The Most Interesting Festivals in Japan


Japan holds about 200000 festivals a year; most of them take place in the shrines and temples. These festivals, whether they are local or international, include carnival games, drums, and colorful clothes. The Tourists from all over the world are eager to attend these festivals to understand the culture of the Japanese people, interact with the locals, and spend an amusing time. They can attend dancing festivals, snow festivals, religious festivals, or performance festivals.

One of the most important dance festivals in Japan is Awa-Odori in Tokushima, where about 200 dance teams and 12000 dancers present traditional folkdances in the period from July to August. This festival is popular to the extent that the city’s airport is named after it; so, it attracts about 1.3 million tourists each year. At the end of the festival, the 12000 dancers perform together and the audiences are allowed to participate to increase the excitement of the celebration.

Sapporo snow festival is held in the city of Sapporo and last for one week. Throughout the festival, a large number of huge snow sculptures that may reach 25 meters wide and 15 meters high beside smaller statues are displayed in the street accompanied with musical concerts, so that the tourists can enjoy the beauty of this art. But if you need more excitement and entertainment for you and your family members; especially your children, you can head to the snow slides where you can free your power and amuse your children.

The beauty of the nature attracted the attention of the Japanese in the past; so, they celebrated the season of the cherry blossom. Nowadays, celebrate the three varieties of the flower during the few days of its blooming in various places such as Okinawa, Ehime, Shimane, Okayama, and Kitakami.

The Amazing Festivals in Japan The Amazing Festivals in Japan The Amazing Festivals in Japan The Amazing Festivals in Japan The Amazing Festivals in Japan

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