The Most Expensive Cities for the Tourists in the World


The most expensive cities are chosen according to the prices of the food, transportation, clothes, and services presented to the tourists in a certain country. These high prices will make the tourist spend more money every night and receive a perfect service. This article will handle three of these expensive cities are Singapore, Paris, and Oslo.
Singapore becomes the most expensive city in the world because of the inflation that resulted in the raising prices of its properties and transportation. It has the highest percentage of millionaires in the world as you can find one millionaire out of six households. This city was considered last year as the second freest economy in the world and one of the largest importers and exporters countries in the world. Such a volume of trade attracts millions of people to the island city that import the water and energy supplies from other countries. The result is that the most expensive wood, transportation fees, and other daily life expenses are found in Singapore.

Paris holds the second range as an expensive city because of its high range of goods and services’ prices; which make the tourist spend about £3o6 every night. However, most analyses indicate that the serenity and charm found there worth these costs. That’s why Paris received in 2013\2014 about 15.57 million foreign overnight visitors. The raising business activities in Paris give it an effective role on the global economy, what causes the price hike.

Oslo is the third expensive city for the tourists because the tourist may spend more than £ 273 every night. The city is a destination for the Maritime trade and contains the largest number of the shipping companies and its employees. The city provides historical and entertaining sites to attract more tourists every year.

The Most Expensive Cities in the World The Most Expensive Cities in the World The Most Expensive Cities in the World The Most Expensive Cities in the World The Most Expensive Cities in the World

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