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Five Moisturizing Mistakes You Are Probably Doing

Applying a moisturizing cream to your skin sounds like a very simple thing to do, but turned out there are too many missteps you could be making when you are moisturizing your skin. Read on to figure out if you are making any of the following skin moisturizing mistakes to correct.

1- You Apply It To Dry Skin.

You want when you apply your lotion to lock in some moisture within the skin cells so instead of drying your skin completely before applying your location, only Pat it dry with the towel, let it be a bit damp before you reach out for your lotion bottle.

2- You Don’t Use It Regularly.

Sometimes we shower and use soaps, hot water and other skin-drying products and forget to make up for the lost moisture by applying a moisturizer. Once a day at least is important to keep dryness at bay and maintain your skin’s elasticity.

3- You Don’t Prepare Your Skin Correctly.

Scrubbing off the upper hard layer of the skin helps to allow the moisturizer to sink in really deep and do the best job it could do. Give your face the same attention as your elbows, knees and heels when it comes to scrubbing and exfoliators. However don’t be too rough, remember your skin is a soft surface so a gentle buff once or twice a week will maintain your skin soft.

4- You Skip On Moisturizing Because You Have Acnes.

You may be afraid to moisturize your skin daily because you are prone to acne Breakouts, however moisturizing is especially important of your skin is prone to Breakouts, most acne treatments are harsh and dry up the skin which hinders the treatment process itself and can cause other skin problems like irritation, rash and skin dryness. If you are worried those moisturizers contain oils and may trigger Breakouts then opt to use concentrated serums that nourish and moisturize the skin while being really light.

5- You Use The Same Lotion Day and Night.

Unless you use a different sunscreen product, your morning lotion should be containing at least 30+ SPF, also consider to use a tinted daytime lotion, they help make the skin look more glowy and tight.

6- You Rely Completely On It.

You may be thinking that moisturizers can be all that it needs to have a perfect skin-care regime. While moisturizers can go a long way in giving you smooth skin, you still need to use other products like a mild facial wash, sunscreen and eye cream.

Five Moisturizing Mistakes You Are Probably Doing.

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