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Get the model’s body you’ve been wishing for with these simple tips

If you are going away to a brighter places this year (some exotic tropical island, NOT heaven!), or you will be spending time on a beach, today is the time you will begin thinking of toning up in time for wearing a bikini once more.

To help you plan for the summer, here are some excellent tips that’ll help you shed the last pounds and get your perfect bikini body.

1. Stop drinking alcohol.

You will have lots of time to drink cocktails at the bar, so you won’t miss alcohol if you give it a break for a couple of months. There are more than 100 calories in the common alcoholic drink and, if you add a sugary mixer, it is worse.

2. Go for a walk whenever you can.

The simplest way to tone up for the beach is to quit doing things the comfortable way most of the time. When you have an option, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and walk when you can instead of driving or taking a taxi. You can burn off a remarkable amount of calories by just being more active in the course of your normal day.

3. Eat a lot of fiber.

Fill yourself up with fiber and you will feel less likely to eat all the food that you know you must not eat. Fill your meal with lots of vegetables and eat snacks with high fiber like whole grain toast and nuts. High fiber diets keep you full for a longer time and they also give you an excellent source of slow-release power that will help end your craving for unhealthy snacks throughout the day.

Get the model’s body you've been wishing for with these simple tips

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