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Five Mistakes We Seem To Do When Stressed

Imagine it is Monday morning, your inbox is loaded with unread emails, you just had a fight with your husband, your children are late for school, your manager just gave you a new complicated assignment and you just spell the coffee on your new shirt.
How you think you will react in such a situation?
A) Scream your head off.
B) Break an emotional rant in your office.
C) Just give up and go home or even quit.
A better answer
D) None of the above.

It is normal for all of us to not be logical when we are stressed, however to save ourselves the mistakes we usually make due to stress, watch out for the following behavior the next time you are stressed.

1- Venting at Who’s Next to You.

It may feel helpful to scream and let it out at anyone in front of you, but beware, studies showed that stress is a contagious emotion so your stress can easily become someone else’s, a vicious cycle of anxiety is not good for anyone and will lead to consequences everyone will regret. Instead try to clear your mind, do something you enjoy or spell out your worries in a polite way to your best friend.

2- Making Rush Decisions.

You probably heard of the phrase “never go to bed while angry” well here’s a new phrase to add to your rules book, never make a big decision when you are stressed. Studies monitored a group of studies my who were reported to have high levels of stress and noticed that the studies couldn’t manage to make correct long-term decisions because their brains are preoccupied with other matters.

3- Ignoring Your Responsibilities.

We all been there when you for a moment think that the best way to deal with your stress from your busy schedule is just ignoring all your tasks listed on it, while that may feel good at the time, it will cause you more stress later on, sometimes we need a little stress in order to function properly and the good accomplishment feeling you will get once you check everything done on your to-do list will be the great reward.

4- Ruminating About Every Detail.

Over thinking about every negative thing happened in your day can have an adverse impact on your health, studies showed that those who ruminate about negative thoughts and emotions are at a higher risk of depression and anxiety, also Ruminating about negative thoughts seem to impact your health more than the event itself, in order to keep going on, let those negative thoughts float away.

5- Neglecting Sleep.

Already one of the side effects of stress is difficulties to fall asleep, and the worst thing you can do is just give into the stress and neglect your sleep over thinking about things or watching TV to get your mind to relax, lack of sleep will worsen your stress and reduce your ability to handle it.

Five Mistakes We Seem To Do When Stressed.

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