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4 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit When Booking a Flight

How many times have you paid double for what a flight ticket is worth? How many times have you waited for hours waiting for your flight to launch? How many hours and how much money have you wasted over the years on flights?

How many times have you cursed your need for airlines? Don’t feel bad! It takes an expert to know what mistakes you should avoid when booking a flight and here is what these experts say:

1- Taking a direct flight instead of two flights when traveling. Maybe a long time ago this was a good economic thinking, but not anymore. Now, most of the time flying to one city and then to the one you want to head to is much cheaper (and less damaging).

2- You rush to buy the tickets before comparing prices. This is a mistake we could make when buying anything else, not just tickets. Sometimes airlines change the prices of their tickets in the same day! So how to make use of this? Subscribe to newsletters and alerts that tell you about the airline companies’ prices so you could check them on your email from time to time.

3- You book a flight when it is expensive. Maybe I am risking sounding repetitive here but not exactly. Some airlines lower the prices of their tickets in the morning. Then, when other airlines see that, they lower their tickets’ prices too to keep with the competition, or just to cut the losses of making flights launch with many seats still empty.

4- Picking a later flight instead of an earlier one. Sometimes flights are oversold. So, instead of delaying your flight to another day when you can’t afford to, pick an earlier one so that when something happens, you are delayed to a later flight in the same day.

4 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit When Booking a Flight

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