Four Mistakes To Avoid While Brushing Your Teeth

We all clean our teeth on regular basis, therefore it is important to learn what type of habits regarding teeth care routine can be wrong to avoid them, you could be doing those wrong habits unknowing how damaging they are, so we made you this article to be careful and learn how to apply the proper care for your teeth.

1- You May Be Using The Wrong Type Of Tooth Brush.

The British Dental Health Foundation recommends using small headed Tooth brushes that are comfortable to hold in your hand, the small head should be able to reach all corners of your teeth providing maximum cleaning to the teeth and the gums.

2- You Are Not Using A Soft Tooth Brush.

Cleaning the teeth count more about how many time and how properly you brush your teeth not how hard, in fact harsh toothbrushes can cause more damage for your teeth than good, thus the British Dental Health Foundation recommend using a soft toothbrush that will get your teeth clean without causing any damage.

3- You Are Not Cleaning Your Teeth Properly.

The best way to ensure maximum cleaning of the teeth is by moving your tooth brush’s head in a circular motion on the surface of each Tooth a few times, also make sure to clean the back of your teeth and floss before brushing to get rid of any food bits stuck between your teeth.

4- You Are Brushing Your Teeth Too Often.

Brushing your teeth the times a day is ideal, however brushing your teeth anymore times than that can actually harm your teeth by irritating the roots of your teeth and in result irritate the teeth enamel, so make sure you brush your teeth two or three times a day and don’t brush them too hard either.
Mistakes To Avoid While Brushing Your Teeth

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