The Mistake You Probably Are Doing While Cooking Scrambled Egg

Scrambled egg is an easy quick breakfast time saver that can be done in seconds, all the ingredients needed are usually at hand, children love it and it is a great source of protein for a good kick start for the day, however not because it is easy to make it doesn’t require some technique, in fact there is q huge difference between a soft fluffy pile of scrambled egg and a pile of rubbery over cooked curds.

If yours sound more like the later then you probably are doing the one mistake many women do when cooking scrambled egg, cooking it on a very high heat and starting to scramble too early.

Although it is kind of tempting to start writing your egg around once they hit the pan, the secret to a successful dish of scrambled egg is waiting for seconds until the egg begin to set from the side then you can start scrambling it, once you see the sides starting to set, gently move them around and you will end up with this mouthwatering fluffy perfectly cooked pile of cloud-like curds.

Chef Curtis Stone says there is never a need to vigorously store your egg around instead just push the sides to the center of the pan using a rubber spatula, tilt the pan back so the uncooked egg run back to heat and cook itself.

Remove the egg from the pan once it is almost cooked and before it gets completely cooked because they still continue to cook even when moved to the plate.
But make sure to keep the heat low throughout the whole cooking process.

For a luxurious version of scrambled eggs you can enjoy on your weekends, just whisk one tablespoon of cream to each egg before you add them in the pan to enjoy the richness.

Mistake You Probably Are Doing While Cooking Scrambled Egg

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