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5 Miraculous Health Benefits of Sesame Seed Oil

Have you ever read an old book on alternative medicine or one of your grandmother’s recipes and found that they contained sesame seed oil? It is an ancient ingredient and the fact that people use it since old times until now must tell you something about its worth. Sesame seed oil is truly healthy and science has proved that in various researches that studied different aspects of health. Here are some of them:

1- There are things you would never guess they are rich in protein, and sesame seed oil is one of them. An ounce of sesame seed oil has about 5 grams of protein in it. According to this, If you are going vegan, then sesame seed oil should always be in your shopping list.

2- If you are in favor of moisturizing your skin with something that is actually safe and healthy for it, use sesame seed oil. It makes your skin supple and taut. It is understandable if you know that sesame seed oil is loaded with all the zinc you need for replenishing the collagen in your skin.

3- It is good for the health of your veins and heart. Sesame seed oil lowers blood pressure significantly with its high levels of magnesium. If you have some medical condition that blood pressure can worsen, add sesame seed oil to all your recipes.

4- Sesame seed oil gives you a better smile. How? If you try oil pulling (swishing oil inside your mouth) with sesame seed oil, you will get rid of the bacteria and germs that cause plaque and gum infections.

5- It has components that aid in protecting you from Cancer. Besides the vital antioxidants, it has a component called phytate which fights cancer, and if those aren’t enough, sesame seed oil’s rich content of magnesium helps in the fight as well.

Health Benefits of Sesame Seed Oil

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