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Miraculous Beauty Enhancing Aloe Vera And Lemon Mask

When you combine Aloe Vera gel with lemon juice, you are simply making a super product to benefit your skin and hair, they help lightening skin, fading dark spots, blemishes, healing Acnes and even preventing scars, and for your hair, they will provide a deep nourishment, cleansing from Dandruff and dirt, accelerate growth and prevent hair fall.

To make this beauty enhancing Mask you only need fresh gel of Aloe Vera plant, if you don’t have one already use the ready made gel found in stores however consider buying yourself a plant to be an inexpensive source of beauty in your home and Lemon Juice.

How To Make The Aloe Vera And Lemon Juice Beauty Enhancing Mask.

What you will need is.
The juice of half a large Lemon.
Two large leaves of Aloe Vera..
A blender and a juicer.

– Directions.

Using a sharp knife cut the serrated sides of the aloe Vera leaves.
Use the knife to cut the top layer of the aloe Vera plant in order to extract the translucent gel of Aloe Vera.
Peal off the gel layer from the aloe Vera leaves and put them inside a bowl.
Juice half a large Lemon and put the juice with the aloe Vera gel in a blender and blend both together for about a minute.

Now you have a miraculous beauty enhancing product.

For your hair, apply it on the hair and scalp for twenty minutes before shampooing weekly and cover with a warm towel.
However note that using Lemon Juice frequently on your hair may lighten its color.

For your skin, wash your face and neck with warm water then apply the mask to it for ten to fifteen minutes then rinse of with water.
The mask will give you a wonderful toned skin complexion and irresistible glow and softness.

Beauty Enhancing Aloe Vera And Lemon Mask

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