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5 Methods You Can Use to Dye Your Hair with Natural Elements

many women tend to change the colour of their hair, to have a new look. Using hair dyes may cause damage to the hair. Thus, there are natural alternatives for you if you want to dye your hair without damaging it. Although natural dyes do not last for a long time, they are safer.

– The first natural dye is tea. It can easily dye blonde hair. You can make a strong tea dye by putting about 3 to 5 tea bags in 2 cups of water. Wait until it is cool and brew the tea, then but it on your hair. Leave it as long as you can and not less than an hour.

Coffee is another natural dye that you can use. Make strong coffee and wait till it gets cold. Then, apply it on your hair. In order to prolong the coffee dye on the hair, rinse it with apple cider vinegar.

– Henna is well known for dying hair. Henna gives a red or orange colour. Using a lot of Henna turn hair orange. So, you have to be careful not to use a lot of it. To dye your hair with Henna, combine 100 grams of Henna powder with 1 cup of lemon juice and some water. Before using this mixture, leave it for 5 hours. After that, you can apply it on your hair for 2 hours.

– Marigold petals make a natural dye. Use more of them to get a strong colour. To make the dye, you should boil half a cup of fresh marigold petals in 2 cups of water, leave it in the boiling water for half an hour. Apply it when it becomes cool as a wash.

– You can use beet juice to dye your hair naturally. Take care not to stain your clothes and your body. The easiest method to dye your hair with beet juice is by adding the juice to some coconut oil. Then, apply the mixture to your hair for about an hour.

Methods You Can Use to Dye Your Hair with Natural Elements

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