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Menstruation Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

The menstruation period is a confusing time of the month for most women, a woman’s body passes by hormonal fluctuations during this time of the month that causes several symptoms like pains, bloating and mood swings,

while some symptoms are normal and nothing to worry about, other symptoms may indicate and under laying disease that you should investigate, here is a list of the period symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore.

1- Heavy Prolonged Bleeding May Indicate Fibroids.

Some women may overlook the number of days their periods last for, a typical normal menstrual duration should be anywhere between three to seven days, if your period lasts longer than seven or eight days with heavy bleeding you may be having fibroids, heavy Prolonged periods is the most common reported symptom of fibroids .

2- Excessive Menstruation Pain Could Indicate Endometriosis.

Endometriosis is an inflammatory disorder where the Uterine tissue which is supposed to grow inside the uterus itself and forms Uterine lining starts to grow outside of the uterus and sheds every month as usually which after time starts to cause excessive pain, swelling and

3- Irregular Periods May Be A Sign Of Hormonal Imbalances.

Although it is normal to have some irregularities in the periods up to 16 and even 17 years old, if you are still experiencing period irregularities in your early twenties or later it could be caused by hormonal imbalances.

4- Absent Periods May Indicate Low BMI and Inactive Fertility.

Your body mass index is a measure for the amount of fat in your body, a body mass index should be at least 22, when you don’t have enough fat stored in your body, your body shifts to emergency mode which makes your body functions only for the life sustaining processes and puts fertility and reproduction on hold which may cause you to stop ovulating or menstruating .

Menstruation Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

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