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5 Things Men Do That Women Find Most Irritating

Long gone are the days when women wanted knights in shining armor instead of men. Women now are more down-to-earth about their expectations from men, whether they were life partners, friends, or mere work colleges. However, women will always hate certain things about men, no matter what age we are in. Here are some of the things women find most irritating in men:

1- Having a poker face and acting like a “a secret on two legs” can really drive a woman mad. Women really hate it when their partners do not express what they feel or think of. It is also really annoying for women to find that their partners do not talk often generally, or like to talk about anything but themselves.

2- It annoys women when men forget important events and memories. Women are instinctively sentimental. They like recalling fond memories and they keep whatever reminds them of these memories. It goes without saying that anniversaries, birthdays and such occasions are very important for women. So, they find it annoying as hell when their men do not give as much thought and interest to such events.

3- One of the things that angers and irritates women most is probably thinking lightly of their efforts. It is very irritating for a woman to hear her work college saying things like it is strange that she – being a woman – does a good job.

4- Women are irritated most when their men neglect them to spend too much time on TV, internet, video games, or drinking with friends. It is natural that men like these things but spending hours and hours on them makes their women think that they don’t want to be around them.

5- Women really hate it when men don’t care about how they look and what they wear. Sometimes women consider this a deal breaker. They say something like, “Yeah, I love him and he is easy to be with, but I hate when others see me with him”.

 Things Men Do That Women Find Most Irritating

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