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6 Things That Men Find Repulsive About Women

Imagine this scenario: a girl is about to go out with her first crush for the first time ever, so she does…a lot of things to make herself pretty and breath taking, and when the man sees what she has made of herself he quickly runs to the hills, the end. So, what exactly could be these things that the girl has done to turn him off so quickly?

1- Thickly layered makeup is one thing that turns men off quickly. It is not just the feeling that he is setting with a false version of you, there is also the thought of trying to get rid of the difficult makeup stains if the night goes far. After the first date, each time he thinks of dry cleaning his shirt, he will be very hesitant about contacting you again.

2- Layering coats of mascara like no body’s business on eyelashes that may already be false is another mistake men find repulsive about women. Thick mascara coats on eyes look really creepy, exactly like spiders.

3- Dipping yourself in perfume, or in other words, excessive use of perfume is a mistake that can make any one gag, not just men. A guy does not want to feel that your perfume cannot let him breath safely.

4- Yellow teeth turns off women and women know that men are sloppy creatures, so yellow teeth in women are a definite no-no. Brush your teeth twice a day. It is as important as keeping fit and it is common sense really.

5- Using heavy dark eyeshadow too freely is repulsive for anyone. IT reminds men of weird looking models on catwalk, or better yet, vampires. Just use gel eyeliner and smudge it along the rim.

6- Daring and dark lipstick colors scare men rather than turning them off. They will also worry about washing lipstick smudges off their shirts. So avoid the bright unnatural and glittery lipstick shades and go for more simple and natural ones.

Things That Men Find Repulsive About Women