Some people are sweating more than others; a workout on the treadmill for five minutes leave them all wet and they may have to wipe their hands before a handshake. Of course, excessive sweating is very annoying, but it could be more than that; sometimes it is a symptom of a medical condition like diabetes or thyroid problems and it is also more common in overweight people.

If you have this issue of excessive sweating, here is some information to help you know more about it. If you sweat at a greater rater than others because it is hot or you are exerting effort, more likely it is not a sign of trouble. It could be the nature of your body as a normal reaction to cool itself down.

Hyperhidrosis – if you have it – will make you sweat excessively for no reason like for example when the temperature is mild and you are just watching TV; sweating profusely in such case is not normal.

According to specialists, there are two main kinds of excessive sweating: generalized hyperhidrosis and localized hyperhidrosis.

Localized sweating usually begins in childhood or teenage; it makes you sweat excessively, but despite being a medical condition, it is not a sign of illness. This kind of hyperhidrosis is called localized or focal because it affects certain parts of the body such as the face, feet, hands or underarms.

Experts assume it happens due to a slight defect in the nervous system, and it may run in families. Though it is not medically risky, it can be a nuisance and interfere with your life.

As for generalized sweating, it is less common and it makes you sweat all over your body not just feet or hands. It is more serious and it is called secondary because it is caused by another health condition such as thyroid problems, stroke, diabetes and others.

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