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Some Makeup Rules You Follow but Should Avoid

Some of the makeup rules work with you and not with others. Sometimes you need to choose the suitable beauty care tips for you. Here are the makeup rules that are worth breaking.

– The first rule is that your foundation ought to match your neck. The sun gets more on your face rather than your neck. So, the shades are different.

– The second rule is that you should match smoky eyes with nude lips. Also, the rule is to make either your eyes or lips the center point which is not true.

– Another rule says that you ought to match your nails and lips. It means that you should use identical shades of nail polish and lipstick. By doing so, you will get an old fashioned and formal look. So, it’s better if you choose colours that complement each other.

– It has been a custom for ladies to use a primer every day. There is no need for every day use and spare the primer for special events.

– It was an old advice to put makeup every day. Ladies used to put makeup always and they never went out without it. Thus, you may use a little bit of cosmetics or go without any of them to let air get to your skin.

– There was a rule that you shouldn’t apply mascara or eyeliner on your bottom lashes. It is not true that this makes you look older.

– There was a rule that says expensive makeup is better. Although, cheap cosmetics won’t be high quality, but that doesn’t imply that you have to spend a lot on cosmetics.

– Also, the rule of applying concealer before foundation is not always true. You may apply concealer after foundation on the areas that need it.

Makeup Rules You Follow but Should Avoid