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The Makeup Mistakes You Could Be Doing Right Now

The makeup you choose to wear can significantly transform your look to the better or to the worse, people without much experience of the makeup world tend to make huge blunders in order to look appealing, and because there is a very thin line between stylish makeup and overdoing it, we brought you this article to highlight to you the mistakes that you could be doing while applying makeup so read on.

1- Overdoing it Or Undergoing it.

The first mistake women tend to do with their makeup is overdoing it, applying too bold colors and cosmetics for a casual occasion will not make you look appealing, similarly, applying too little makeup when you are going to a grand celebration will make you look pale and not ready, so match the makeup you wear with the occasion.

2- Choosing The Wrong Concealer Or Foundation.

The Concealer is meant to hide any patches or discoloring in your face while foundation is meant to tone your face color and grant it a natural glow, choosing the wrong color tone for the Concealer Or the foundation will make it feel like you applied a face pack and won’t look appealing at all, therefore it is important to choose the foundation and Concealer that blend perfectly with your natural skin color.

3- Using Too Many Colors.

If you color your lips with a bold color and use different colors on your eyes then you may end up looking like a parrot, it will be better to choose one color and use the different shades of the same color on the different parts of your face, that will blend harmonically and give you a more natural look.

4- Highlighting All of Your Features.

If you will use bold colors to highlights ll your facial features that will give you a dramatic, flashy and fake look, instead choose your favorite feature and highlight it more than the other features,

for example, if you like how your eyes look then use the bold colors in your eye makeup and soft colors on the rest of your face, that way you get to highlight the favorite feature of yours.

Makeup Mistakes You Could Be Doing Right Now

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