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We experience pleasant feelings with our positive attitude, which brings more energy, happiness and brightness to the eyes. Positive thinking affects our whole being bringing us success, happiness and good well, and even our health gets affected in a beneficial way.

Our body language shows the way we feel, we walk tall and our voice is more powerful. In one way or another, we affect and are affected by the people we meet. This happens on a subconscious level and instinctively through words, body language, thoughts and feelings. It is natural that we avoid negative people and want to be around positive ones.

People stay away from anyone broadcasting negativity because negative words and thoughts create unhappy and negative feelings; negativity is the way to frustration, disappointment and failure. Some inner work is required in order to turn the mind toward positive thinking since thoughts and attitude do not change overnight.

Your thoughts have a mighty power that can shape your life; this usually happens unconsciously but you can make the process a conscious one. Give it a try even if the idea seems strange, you have nothing to lose.

Ignore what others say or think about you and visualize only favorable and beneficial situations. Use positive words when talking with other people or in your inner dialogues. To help yourself think positively, smile a little more. You have to be aware of any negative thought that enters your mind and do your best to replace it with a constructive one.

This is like having two pictures in front of you and you have to choose to disregard one and look at the other. Eventually, persistence will teach your mind to ignore negative thoughts and think positively. Do not give up in case you experience difficulties and resistance when substituting negative thoughts with positive ones; just keep looking only at the happy thoughts in your mind.


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