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Make Natural Shampoo Yourself Easily in 5 Steps

People everywhere prefer using natural shampoos now. It is said that chemical shampoos have the same components dishwasher soap has, and thus greatly damages and weakens your hair. However, natural shampoos are sold at exaggerated prices everywhere, and you can’t even be sure that it is all natural. Here, you will learn how to make affordable all natural shampoo yourself.

1- In a slow cooker, put 4 oz of castor oil, Jojoba oil and virgin olive oil. Turn on the slow cooker and set it on the highest setting.

2- Now we need to mix 20 oz of water with 3 oz of lye in a plastic bowl. Do this outside or in a well aired area. Add the lye to water carefully because it will cause a fast reaction and make sure you are wearing plastic gloves and safety glasses, and that there are no children around. Stir well until the lye dissolves completely.

3- Add the dissolved lye to the oils in the slow cooker and mix them all with a wooden spoon or a stick. Keep blending until the mixture thickens like a runny cake batter. Then leave the mixture until it is cooked thick. Test the mixture to know if it still needs cooking or not. Put a scoop of it on a plate, if it keeps its shape as it cools off then it is ready.

4- Turn off the slow cooker and stir the soap to fasten its cooling. With a food thermometer check the temperature. If it is less than 153 degree, you can add some essential oils with your favorite fragrance. Keep stirring so that they are mixed well.

5- Rub soap molds with a thin layer of olive oil, and make sure you cover the inside of the molds well with your fingers. Then pour in the soap and leave it until it becomes solid.

Now you have natural soap great for your hair. Turn it into shampoo by grating it and adding 12 oz of water and 2 tbs of glycerin.

Make Natural Shampoo Yourself Easily in 5 Steps

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