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Make Your Living Room Extravagant and stylish with These 5 Ideas

When you have guests, where do you entertain them? In your living room. And your guests first impressions about who you are and about how our place looks are usually formed in your living room.

Sometimes guests would think a living room is cluttered, shabby or tasteless because of some of the things placed there. On the other hand, placing some things and doing some things to a living room can class it up and make it more extravagant,

1- DO NOT place your TV in your living room. A TV in a living room means that you are making it the center point of the room which can send a lot of bad impressions to your guests (like you are some average family whose most important hobby is watching TV). Hide your TV to make your place have an expensive and extravagant ambiance. You can order a custom made TV cabinet with doors that you could close and open when you want to watch TV.

2- Use exotic fabrics in your living room. Using exotic fabrics to cover some pieces and spaces in your room makes viewers think that these pieces are antiques. You could use them for wall art, cushions, tablecloths, etc. This will give your living room the ultimate extravagant ambiance.

3- use sculptural pieces to smooth your living room’s sharp geometric lines. When you use sculptural pieces your guests will think that you have taken the time to think about your room décor carefully and imprint it with your personality, instead of mimicking whatever it is you found in some magazine.

4- keep in mind that various materials can be used. When you use various materials, your guests will think that you wanted to add your own touch to your living room and that is why you bought different pieces from different places. Use different combinations of materials in your living room to give it the polished ambiance it needs. Use different materials: fabrics, different types of wood in addition to glass and stone.

5- vintage touches are a must if you are thinking things like classy, extravagant, lavish…etc. A few extravagance gorgeous pieces give off the feeling that you get your pieces from auctions.

Make Your Living Room Extravagant and stylish with These 5 Ideas

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