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Make Your Hands Gorgeous with These 5 Tips

Don’t you hate it when you use makeup professionally to hide age signs on your face and find out that all your efforts have gone to waste because people guess how old you are from the skin on your hands? Women sometimes tend to forget that they need to take care of their hands too. Here are some great tips on how to make your hands softer and more gorgeous.

1- First off all you need to avoid any contact with harsh chemicals and detergents through your hands. If you read the labels on the detergents you will find instructions that advice you to wear gloves when using these detergents.

2- Keep your hands clean and Wash them often. Since you use your hands to do everything, it is understandable that germs and bacteria find their way to the skin of your hands. So use an antibacterial hand wash. It is better than soap because it is much milder and it has moisturizers. And if you are going out, carry a hand sanitizer in your purse.

3- Moisturize your hands well. Regular skin moisturizers are made for face skin and thus are lighter than needed to be for your hands. For your hands you can get body butter. Body butters that have shea butter in their ingredients are especially good for your hands.

4- Exfoliate your hands. There are scrubs made for your body not just your face. You can even make a scrub for your hands from natural ingredients at home. Mash half a ripe banana with some sugar and add few drops of honey and olive oil. Rub your hands well with the mixture and wash it off after ten minutes.

5- Routenize hand care. Do not make hand care a temporary thing you just do when your hand skin is damaged. Make taking care of your hands a routine you do everyday. It is also a type of relaxation and pampering for your self.

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