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Make the Most of Your 8 hours of sleep and Apply These Beauty Hacks.

Rather than wasting those valuable eight hours you spend sleeping in bed, you could be providing your body with a helping hand to strengthen and improve from the hard time you give it throughout the day. Here are great overnight beauty suggestions that will help you wake up looking beautiful every morning.

1. Take your time getting ready for bed.

Despite how tired you may feel, it’s well worth spending a couple of extra minutes on your night-time beauty regime. Get rid of all your makeup and clean your skin fully, then exfoliate and moisturize before going to bed. It is the easiest method to keep your skin bright and breakout free.

2. Extend your lashes while you sleep

If you apply some castor oil to your lashes, it will nourish them and help to make them grow thicker and longer. Your lashes are not different from your hair and they need looking after and conditioning as well. You can do the same for your eyebrows too, if they want a little of thickening up in places.

3. Purchase silk pillowcases.

One of the greatest investments you can do to enhance your beauty sleep is buying silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases will help prevent your hair getting tangled during the night, and they are much softer on your skin too. Plus, don’t forget to change your pillow cases frequently as that will help keep your skin bright and clean.

4. Fix dark circles with almond oil

If you are likely to wake up with dark circles under the eyes, try rubbing a little bit of sweet almond oil onto your skin before going to bed. that should help defeat the panda-like look.

Make the Most of Your 8 hours of sleep and Apply These Beauty Hacks.

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