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Midlife crisis is a combination of events, physical changes and feelings indicating a transformation. There are signs to warn of the crisis, and understanding why these signs occur can guide the transformation process. The signs are the true indicators that illustrate serious lifestyle changes in one’s life; and it will be the coworkers and friends who diagnose this crisis before the one in crisis realizes it.

If you have most of the symptoms mentioned below, you do not need to worry because it is not necessary for this event to become a crisis. This is supposed to be the time to embrace the change and become a better person.

The symptoms of midlife crisis include:

– Having a desire to quit your good job

– No longer recognizing yourself when you look into the mirror

– Things that used to make you happy do not make you happy any more

– Changing your habits; and the activities that used to be interesting are now boring

– Being unable to concentrate or complete the tasks that used to be easy

– Having the desire to run away from everything

– Wanting to be in physical shape

– Unexpected anger or irritability

– Exploring new tastes in music and a sudden desire to learn playing an instrument

– Sudden interest in painting and writing poetry or books

– Thinking about death and taking dietary supplements with the aim of longer life

– Changing what you eat

– Buying new clothes and taking more interest to look good

– Restarting things which you dropped early in your life

– Experiencing the desire to change society and whole world for the better

– Feeling trapped by fiscal obligations

– Having the desire for a simple life

– Asking yourself where you are going with your life


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