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Magical Tips and Foods for Cleaning your Kidneys

Kidneys are considered as one of the most important and major organs in our bodies. This organ is responsible of performing a lot of important functions like, increasing the red blood cells, regulating the blood pressure, releasing important hormones like, rennin, removing wastes and toxins and so many other major functions.

I think by now you realized the great importance of this organ and you are ready to do your best to support it and maintain its vital activity. You can do this by taking some simple steps and the first step will be following a healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, drinking enough water, doing exercises and so many other healthy habits.

Eating healthy foods is important as I mentioned before, but there are some certain kinds of foods that stimulate your kidneys job. For example, watermelons, it’s an amazing water-based fruit that works as a diuretic and we know that more urine means more wastes and toxins cleaning.

Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar presents a major benefit to your kidneys, because they reduce forming the kidney stones. Getting rid of uric acid helps your kidney and your body to remain healthy and eating blueberries achieves this mission perfectly. Apples are known with its rich fibers and antioxidants and they play an effective role in improving kidneys functions. Pumpkin seeds do the same role as blueberries, they reduce forming kidney stones and they are full of useful and good vitamins and minerals for your body.

It’s so amazing how these foods work like a shield to keep us in a good health. Sometimes the little things make huge difference, yes am talking about herbs and their beneficial role in maintaining our kidneys safety. Let’s start with talking about ginger, it’s full of antioxidants and it’s so effective in purifying our kidneys from all the bad toxins. To get the best of it, you can either drink it or add it to your cooking.

Drinking parsley as a tea or adding it as a salad dressing will improve your kidney functions. Eating or drinking other herbs like, marshmallow roots and nettle presents amazing benefits for your kidneys as well. Just make sure to ask your doctor before you start adding them to your diet, because they may interact with some medications or they can be harmful in some medical conditions.

 Tips and Foods for Cleaning your Kidneys

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