Love Eating Fish? Check Out the Best Fish Choices

There are two important things to add into consideration when you pick your fish: your health and the environment. Omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA, found generally in fish, are essentials in our diets; however, other toxins may also be found. Additionally, we have to be alert about the progressively decreasing population of many fish species. Industrial fishing and fishing deep into the ocean are considerable fractions of the problem.

Farmed Fish is a Horrible Choice : Industrial fish farming is today’s most popular mean of fish production. It may sound environmental-friendly to you, but it’s the exact opposite. Fish farms are packed with diseases and pollution. Starting with the fish’s terrifying poor nutrition to the accumulated wastes and food debris at the bottom of the farm floor, farmed fish are diseased and unhealthy. Moreover, chemicals like pesticides and antibiotics spilled into the fish environment to kill parasites linger for hours in the water.

Farmed Fish has Unhealthy Fat : We eat fish to benefit from the omega-3 fat in them. However, due to what they are fed, farmed fish, especially salmon, contains much more omega-6 than omega-3 fat which is considered damaging to your health.

Avoid Farmed Shrimp : Almost 90% of the shrimp nowadays is farmed shrimp. Antibiotics and bacteria have been detected in large numbers of shrimps. Besides, shrimps in fish farms are fed fish from illegal areas and that endangers our ecosystem.

Tuna is Mercury Contaminated : The ocean is highly polluted with toxins such as mercury. The longer the fish lives in the water, the more it’s exposed to mercury. All tuna tested contained mercury which builds in your body even more than fat. Canned, sushi and restaurant tuna contain the greatest amounts of mercury.

Which Fish is The Safest? : Alaskan and sockeye salmon are considered safe as they are banned from being farmed and have a low exposure to ocean toxins due to their short life span. Fish found at the bottom of the food chain, like sardines, anchovies, and herring, are less contaminated and rich in omega-3 fats and other nutrients.
Love Eating Fish Check Out the Best Fish Choices

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