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lose weight – Beware of these foods if you want to lose weight

Unfortunately, some of the best- tasting foods are of the highest calories; that is why it would be hard to avoid eating them. If you think smoothies are not bad given they are made of fruits, you are wrong; most of smoothies are made of ice- cream or milk and are crammed with sugar.

These should be listed as smoothies for people seeking to gain weight; however there are low- carb ones with less fat and less sugar which you should stick to.

If you are fond of the double chocolaty chip Frappuccino with whipped cream, reconsider and substitute it with a regular cup of coffee and if you cannot, at least minimize the damage and take Frappuccino light which is less in fat and sugar.

Milkshakes are of course suspicious, especially the large monster with milk, peanut butter and chocolate ice- cream; one of these gives you about 2000 calories. Jumbo pretzel dog with butter, hot dog wrapped in a pretzel bun, is another thing you should avoid but if you are fond of it, you can choose instead the original smaller one without butter.

Actually, muffins are mistaken for being healthier than doughnuts, but surprisingly they can be higher in fat. Shrimp are known to be ideal as low- calorie and low- fat, but Shrimp Caprese with garlic- butter sauce is another story; a dish of that contains nearly two thirds of your daily fat, so you better get the lighter version of this dish without the butter or the melted cheese.

Not all salads are low- carb because there are unhealthy salads; they promise leafy greens, fewer carb and grilled chicken, but they often deliver high- fat dressing and cheese, so do not be tricked. Last but not least, try not to resort to snacks like chips and ice- cream when you are bored or watching TV; if you want a snack, try fruits and vegetables.
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