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Lose Four Pounds In Three Days With This Tomato Diet

Tomato is not only a perfect addition to salads or feta cheese, it is also an ideal method to help you lose weight in a safe, quick and natural way, that’s beside it’s ability to protect your body from several diseases like cancer and heart diseases.

– The Benefits Of The Tomato Diet.

This diet consists of tomato as a main ingredient as well as other ingredients including rosemary, carrots, peppermint, lemon and soybeans.
This diet helps in preventing and treating hair loss and regulate high blood pressure.

Peppermint is good for the digestive system as it helps to prevent irritated stomach and reduce nausea and stomach aches.
Lemon and tomato both are very good sources of vitamin C that helps to boost the body’s immune system and prevent several bacterial or girl diseases.

– This diet can actually help you lose three to four pounds in only three days however don’t follow this diet for more than three das straight.

Before breakfast:- Have a large glass of tomato juice with fresh leaves of Peppermint.
Breakfast:- two tomatoes cooked with rosemary, a glass of skimmed milk with fresh peppermint leaves, a carrot, half a fresh tomato, the juice of half a lemon and two glasses of water.
Lunch:- A healthy tomato salad with a little sprinkle of olive oil and slices of green bell pepper with fresh chopped Peppermint leaves and Lemon juice with soybeans.
Dinner:- eat soybeans with fresh tomatoes and peppermint leaves as much as you desire.

Note/ if you follow this diet for any longer than three days you will be harming your body, while following the diet make sure to drink adequate amounts of water and take vitamins supplements.
Also when you finish the diet make sure to keep a track on your diet because you can put back the weight lost quickly if you didn’t carefully mind what you are eating.

Lose Four Pounds In Three Days With This Tomato Diet

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