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Lose 30% Of Your Body Mass With This 5 Days A Month Diet

What you hearing is real, this diet you only need to follow it five days a month and still lose weight, reduce your risk of heart diseases and many other chronic diseases including cancer and liver diseases, not just that but you can even protect yourself from developing diabetes and also slow down Aging Signs, so what is better?

The diet revolves around fasting with short breaks of water or low calorie drinks only, this technique and diet help to reduce your risk of chronic diseases including cancer, it also helps to renew your body cells, you see what happens is that.

When you fast your body starts losing blood cells, liver cells and muscle cells but only temporarily, but when you eat again, those lost cells get regenerated again, which in a way renew your body cells, get rid of damaged cells and also cause the body to burn calories to replace the lost cells.

This five days a month version was designed to get all the benefits of the fasting diet without going extreme so people can actually do it every month, people who tried this diet noticed positive results with their weight loss attempts within only three months without losing any muscle mass or going into depression and cravings like what regular diets do.

The diet is supposed to be 16 hours of fasting with small breaks of water or low calories teas like chamomile tea or green tea and eight hours of eating normal, in those eight hours you are restricted to only eat 750 calories made up of vegetable based Soups, energy bars, energy drinks, herbal teas, snacks of fruits or raw vegetables.

However pregnant women, people who are taking diabetic medication and people with history of anorexia should avoid this diet.
Lose  Body Mass  5 Days A Month Diet

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