Do you look older than your age, what are the causes and solutions?

When women are over forty, they tend to care about looking younger and in this article we will talk about the causes of aging and tips that can help you look younger.

Actually, chronic stress releases free radicals that are responsible for aging, and multitasking is not recommended because it increases stress, instead you should concentrate at one task at a time and move on after finishing it.

Much desert or sweets, aside from excess weight to our bodies, can cause dark circles under the eyes, loss of radiance and increase in wrinkles- so the less the better.

Less sleep is bad for your health and your look; it results in dark bags under the eyes, lack of daytime energy, weight gain, attention problems and shorter lifespan; the optimal sleeping is the seven-hour range. Another important cause for the appearance of wrinkles is the excessive make- up which clogs skin pores, in addition to the skin products with irritating chemicals.

The leading skin doctors do not recommend going under the knife to reduce the appearance of wrinkles but they rather recommend using antioxidants and sunscreen to prevent UV damage and fight free radicals while brightening and moisturizing your skin because healthy skin means beautiful radiant skin.

Tretinoin is considered the youth serum; it promotes your skin rejuvenation and fights the appearance of wrinkles, but if you are pregnant or trying to be, you should consult your doctor before using it.

The eye area shows age faster and it should be kept moisturized to take years off your face; you are advised to use the kind of eye creams containing Retin A- a form of vitamin A- and vitamin C, that is designed to firm, brighten, smooth fine lines and help with dark circles which basically does everything.

look older than your age

Do you look older than your age, what are the causes and solutions Do you look older than your age, what are the causes and solutions

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