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Look beautiful in the morning with these 3 overnight tips!

Everybody has heard about how powerful beauty sleep is. Still, is it actually possible to wake up looking more attractive than when you went to bed?

For lots of people, waking up means untidy hair, puffy eyes and a washed-out complexion, although you could be doing much more to make sure that you wake up looking alert and refreshed.

1. Keep feet soft with an overnight Shea butter remedy.

If you look after your feet all year, you won’t be left needing extreme treatment each spring to get rid of hard skin and be ready for the sandal season. To give your feet a gift after spending a whole day on them, massage in plenty of Shea butter and wear a pair of socks before going to bed. You shall wake up with pretty soft feet and you won’t get a build-up of thick skin.

2. Purchase a humidifier for your bedroom.

If you appear to regularly wake up with dry skin later try drinking a glass of water each night before you go to bed since you could simply get dehydrated throughout the night. If it doesn’t work, it could be that the air in your room that is extremely dry, so try a humidifier and that will restore the moisture in the air and help make your skin hydrated.

3. You should soften your hands overnight.

Your hands are constantly busy doing something throughout the day, so the night time is the greatest time to give them some intense beauty treatment.

Exfoliate your hands with a mix of olive oil and sugar and moisturize with a little shea butter. Wear a pair of gloves overnight and you will wake up looking youthful with wonderfully soft hands.

Look beautiful in the morning with these 3 overnight tips!

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