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Life And Dietary Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

Hair fall is a problem both men and women are suffering from all around the world, however women are generally more affected by the consequences of the problem than men, propaply because hair is a large scale to judge the woman’s beauty. There are many reasons that result in hair fall, most prominent deficiencies in the thyroid gland, lack in certain vitamins or psychological stress. If you want to maintain the crown of your beauty, check out our dietary and life tips below.

1- Vitamin C.
vitamin C plays an essential role in most of the vital processes in the body, it strengthen the immune system which helps to protect the hair from falling by preventing scalp diseases. You can drink a glass of lemon juice daily on an empty stomach or make sure to take vitamin C supplements.

2- Vitamin E.
Vitamin E is very important for the hair and it speeds up the growth of the follicles so make sure to eat the foods that are rich in vitamin E like the nuts or take vitamin E supplements

3- Eat More Proteins.
Proteins enhance the body’s ability to treat the thyroid deficiencies so include more red meats, eggs, milk, nuts and beans in your diet.

4- Evening Spring Rose Oil.
Studies shown that this oil has shown effectivity in preventing or stopping hair fall that is caused by emotional stress or thyroid gland deficiencies.

5- Fatty Acids.
Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as Sardines, tuna, salmon, walnuts and flaxseeds help in limiting the problem of hair fall so make sure to include them regularly in your diet.

6- Exercise Regularly.
You may be amazed that exercising has anything to do with hair fall, exercising helps to restore the inner balance of the body and in return treat or reverse some of the body problems like hair fall.

Life And Dietary Tips To Prevent Hair Fall.

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