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5 Lies That Are Good to Tell to Your Spouse

I know that what runs in your mind right now is something along the lines of, “Lying isn’t a commendable behavior” or “I wouldn’t want anyone to lie to me no matter what”. However there are truths that can burn cities, and lies that can save lives. In this article, I will tell you some of the lies I think you should say to your spouse in the right circumstances.

1- When your husband asks when he’s right back from the gym, “Do I smell” say something like, “mmmm, I like your sweaty smell”. However, do that while you hand him a fresh change of clothes and a towel!

2- If your wife/husband brings you coffee in bed, say, “it is the best coffee I’ve ever had” even if tastes like something that comes of your drain. Bringing someone food or coffee in bed is a habit as extinct as dinosaurs, so don’t complain even if the coffee tastes lousy.

3- Another harmless lie you can tell to save yourself is, “I don’t know how this stain came to be on the shirt, must be the dryer is off”. It is a good excuse after you find out that you’ve used the shirt to clean up makeup stains.

4- When your spouse finds a 100 dollar bill full of foreign names of pricy makeup, look innocent and say, “I would never spend this much money on makeup dear, these are necessary hygiene products!”

5- When your spouse is pissed off at you for something, diffuse his anger with something like, “You’re the best man in the world in my eyes dear, and I like you, not just love you”, while what is really on your mind is that you’ve been sick of the guy for ages.

Lies That Are Good to Tell to Your Spouse